Can You Go In A Jacuzzi When Pregnant

Current health advice states that women who are expecting should avoid heat stress because it risks taking their core temperature beyond 102f 39c. The spa people can tell you what temperature they keep their jacuzzis at in advance or you can take a bath thermometer.

Using Hot Tub When Pregnant Is It Safe Or Not

This may be dangerous for you and your baby.

Can you go in a jacuzzi when pregnant. When youre pregnant the hormonal changes in your body can make you feel faint more often. Also an increase in body temperature can lower your blood pressure causing you to have extreme exhaustion and dizziness. Re program your hot tub to maintain a lower temperature.

Limit time in a hot tub to 10 minutes or less. You may want to avoid situations where you could get too hot such as sitting in a jacuzzi or steam room. This short exposure may not raise your core temperature too high.

There is some research to suggest that it may be safe to sit in a hot bath up to 40 degrees c for up to 20 minutes. Finally you may be more likely to get dizzy or pass out while sitting in a hot tub or sauna when youre pregnant. Although the association does not recommend using hot tubs during pregnancy here are some steps you can take to reduce any risk.

Pregnant women can enjoy hot baths and saunas without raising their temperature to levels that might harm their unborn child a new review has suggested. If youre exercising in water such as at an antenatal class the temperature of the water should not be above 32c. Monitor the temperature of the water by dipping a thermometer in the hot tub.

I just alternated between sitting in with my arms out and sitting on the side with my feet in. You may not even feel uncomfortable at this temperature. I spent a fair amount of time in a jacuzzi while pregnant.

To reduce these risks youll want to avoid letting your temperature get higher than 101 degrees f which can happen after only 10 minutes in a hot tub or sauna.

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